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Sponsor a child today and change their life forever!

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Sponsor a child today

You can restore hope to at least one child and make a difference that will change their lives!










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As a new sponsor, you’ll receive your sponsored child’s photo, their personal story, and a complete child sponsorship packet.  When a child is informed that they’ve been sponsored, their joyful response is indescribable. To know that someone from the other side of the world cares about them and is willing to make a financial sacrifice to help them, means so very much to each child.  Your partnership and participation will profoundly impact their life and empower them and enable them to get an education. It will also impact their life spiritually, as they respond to the Christian principles and teaching that they receive.  Thank you so much for your consideration of this need, and partnership in this effort to bring change to hundreds of children’s lives. 

For sponsors located in the United States of America, please click here for other payment options and sponsorship information.

For sponsors located anywhere else (including New Zealand), please email with selected child's name and details (new webpage coming soon).

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